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About Us


ACE GK PTE LTD was established on the 1st of May 2017 with the main purpose of providing professional car detailing services to car owners in Singapore. Our services includes Car Paint Restoration, Car Waxing, Car Interior Grooming, and Ceramic 9H Coating.


Our directors had a vision to constantly value add to our company's business model and started plans to expand our services so as to provide more car detailing services to our customers, and in February 2018, we attended a training course by Avery Dennison to enable us the adequate skills to wrap cars, providing vinyl wrapping services to our customers! This enabled our customers to choose from Ceramic 9H Coating or Car Vinyl Wrapping to protect their car paint surface or to even change the colour of their cars without the hassle of a spray painting job!

To meet demands of the ever changing paint protection market, ACE GK PTE LTD was renamed to GK DETAILING PTE LTD to better represent what services our company provides.


It was in September 2018 that our directors decided to go for training for another amazing paint protection product - Paint Protection Film! We had the honour to host our facility as the training course took place on the premises of GK DETAILING PTE LTD. We learnt proper methods of installing Paint Protection Film from HEXIS certified trainers, thus earning us the accolade of Approved Applicator for HEXIS Bodyfence Paint Protection Film.

As of 15th October 2018, GK DETAILING PTE LTD was appointed approved applicator for

NANONIX Ceramic 9H Coating! NANONIX - Made in Japan - is an awesome product which gives customers more value for money! They provide different types of Ceramic 9H Coating to cater to different budgets of car owners in Singapore. All Ceramic 9H Coating for NANONIX are SGS tested and certified and are definitely one of the best Ceramic 9H Coating in the market.

With a new direction for the upcoming years ahead, we bring ourselves to a more streamlined way of operating with GK DETAILING. Our 2 main service wings are - NANONIX Ceramic 9H Coating, and Paint Protection Film Installation! We continue to upkeep our tight control over quality and workmanship and will continue to provide the best service you deserve when you bring your car in to us!

On the 1st of October 2019, GK DETAILING PTE LTD worked closely with a reputable Korean Paint Protection Film manufacturer to come up with GK•DEFENCE INSTANT Self Healing Paint Protection Film. Not only does GK•DEFENCE have self healing properties from scratches, we went ahead to make it better by having it INSTANT Heal without a need for a heat source. This was a breakthrough in PPF technology and not only have we provided an excellent product, we are proud to have a

Paint Protection Film that is a product of Singapore, made in Korea.

In 2020, GK DEATILING PTE LTD acquired Approved Applicator status from MAGNUS PRO, a worldwide premium Paint Protection Film brand. MAGNUS PRO Paint Protection Film not only provides the best protection from scratches and rock chips, it also gives amazing gloss and shine that can last for years! MAGNUS PRO Paint Protection Film is also installed using the latest technology of pattern cutting, ensuring an accident free install where penknife cuts may cause unpleasant experience with PPF installation!

By providing our customers with only the best proven products in the market and offering sound advice on car paint protection systems, our aim is to achieve a high level of standard on the cars we work on, and also a high level of satisfaction from all our customers who leaves the shop. We are continually improving our services and workmanship for our potential and existing customers.


GK DETAILING PTE LTD aims to continue to provide the latest in car paint protection while upholding our reputation for workmanship and quality products.

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