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Ceramic 9H Coating

Approved Applicator for Nanonix Ceramic 9H Coating! We represent on of the best ceramic coating in the market that provides excellent protection for your car surface from daily driving!

Made in Japan.


General Grooming

We are a premium grooming centre that also provides basic grooming services such as interior cleaning, leather cleaning, car waxing etc. 


Paint Protection Film


Paint Protection Film!

PPF provides superior protection for your car paint to fight against rock chips and also light swirls and scratches with their self healing properties!



Our car polishing services make sure your car is free of swirls after years of usage! You can also consider doing a Ceramic 9H Coating to protect your car's paintwork after polishing!


Vinyl Car Wrapping

We carry various car vinyl wrapping brands to cater to your colour change needs! We provide consultation to help you choose the right colour for your car, both new and old!


Car Wash

What is a grooming shop without car wash? We will delicately wash your car clean down to the rims without any rushing! Blowing dry the nooks and crannies is also a standard to make sure your car is squeaky clean and dried!

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