C7 Ceramic Crystal Coating



C7 Ceramic Crystal Coating replenishes a car's incomplete painted surface by giving it a glossy and transparent ceramic layer that gives an ultra high gloss outlook, while also strongly protecting the car's paint.
NANONIX C7 Ceramic 9H Coating has been tested and certified by SGS to have 9H hardness (pencil hardness), thus forming a protective glass-like layer, that brings out a candy gloss and shine.


Protection against oxidation, polluted environments, acid rain, ultraviolet rays, light scratches, chemicals, and bird droppings.

NANONIX C7 will provide a strong shielding protection against environmental factors that cause damage to a car's paint surface.



● Prevention against Colour Fading, Yellowing


● 9H Scratch Resistance, Chemical Resistance, and UV resistance.


● Enable "easy cleaning". Removal of dirt by water and reduction of surface scales. Dirt can be cleaned off simply with water alone.


● Maintains the flexible nature of a metal panel to prevent Cracking and Peeling due to severe temperature change.


● High adhesion strength to car paint, performance to last as long as 3 years.

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